Technical incident management

Thanks to this application, the patient can declare a technical incident at any time directly from his room.

This solution was designed for a better patient satisfaction : the requests are faster managed with a follow up of request’s state from the application’s interface.
The management of technical incident is a real time saver for the staff, the process is also easier (simple system on the screen to validate an incident).

The patient can easily declare a technical incident directly from his room

Technical incident management


  • Better patient satisfaction
  • Faster requests management
  • Follow-up of the request’s state by the patient from the interface
  • Feeling to adress directly the concerned person


  • Optimized invoicing follow-up
  • CMMS management
  • Optimization of the bed’s management
  • Better tasks traceability


  • Time saving for the establishment’s staff
  • Simple system on the screen to validate an incident
  • The nursing can easily send a remark to its superior, directly from the interface

Download the informative leaflet of the Technical Incident solution here