Our company

Télécom Santé is a multimedia services provider for the health market companies.
We offer a range of products and services fully designed, developed and controlled from end to end (setup, supervision and maintenance) by our own teams. Each solution is customizable to answer and adapt to specific demand of every healthcare center.
We also want to promote the “made in France”concept through our products and our daily actions (company’s car made in France for example…).
Independent french company founded in 2011, Télécom Santé is now expanding on the french territory and forward.

Our history

May 2011 : Télécom Santé’s fundation
June 2011 : MediaScreen’s project launch
June 2012 : Commercial launch of MediaScreen
September 2012 : First MediaScreen’s set up in a healthcare center
February 2013 : BabyCam launch
March 2013 : First participation at the Hopital Expo exhibition in Paris
2014 : The Connected Bed project launch
June 2014 : Fundraising
January 2015 : First participation to an international exhibition, Arab Health in Dubaï
September 2015 : Innovation Award for the Connected Bed !
October 2015 : A tenth healthcare center trust us
May 2016 : Télécom Santé is 5 years old !
To be continued…