Télécom Santé’s team is now composed of 25 people. The technical department counts 17 employees and the marketing department counts 6 employees.
Finally, Telecom Sante’s direction is composed of two persons, who also are the founders of the society : Matthieu Mallédant and Sebastien Duré.


Matthieu Mallédant : Co-founder
President – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

38 years, engineer and ex embedded software project manager. 9 years’ experience in network access architectures and services platforms for an important European telecommunications group. He managed technical projects before he led a tech-eco experts team on the low-cost architectures access.

Sebastien DURE
Sébastien Duré : Co-founder
Managing director – Marketing and Commercial director

36 years, engineer and ex system and networks project manager. 8 years’ experience in the multimedia solutions and network infrastructures. He was recently a product manager on the solutions and IP low-costs terminals to the export for an important European telecommunications group.

Technical Team

Guillaume Roul

The technical team is managed by Guillaume Roul. The team is composed of 17 people having skills from software development to system integration including design and technical support.

Commercial Team

Christophe Dazard
Patrick Segura

The commercial team counts 6 people : one commercial director, two commercial managers, one administrative and commercial assistant, one management assistant and one communication officer. The team is headed by Sébastien Duré, with the support of the two commercial managers, Christophe Dazard and Patrick Segura.