Our business concerns at the same time the multimedia solutions development, network integration of these solutions and exploitation of these services.
Using the most recent technological tools, we insure all the stages of an innovative service life cycle.

  • Project management: A dedicated interlocutor on all stages of the service life cycle.
  • Listen and advise: Support to identify your needs and joint realization of the specifications.
  • Audit: Analysis of the existing to propose the most adapted solution.
  • Development: Realization and custom-made adaptation of the solutions and software.
  • Exploitation: Full services management, including commercial aspects (reception, users support).
  • Support: Supervision and maintenance of the solutions.

Our aim is to help healthcare institutions in their technological choices and to accompany them in the deployment of the retained solutions.
Télécom Santé is specialized in the development of solutions adapted to a medical environment : we bring the most adapted answers to the institutions needs. Our technology solutions are specifically designed by our teams for a medical environment use. The control of our services development chain enable us to adapt these solutions for our customer’s needs.